12 Benefits of Mint Green Tea

mint green tea

What are the benefits of mint green tea?

Are you curious about the health benefits of mint green tea?

First let’s talk briefly about why we use herbs for tea at all.

Herbal teas have been used in traditional medicine to treat ailments for thousands of years.

And, herbs have the potential to boost the overall health of your body. 

This means that consuming herbal tea can help get relief from various chronic and acute diseases as well as optimize your health.

What is Mint green tea?

Mint green tea is a type of herbal tea that holds a refreshing taste and has been known to treat a variety of illnesses. 

Certainly a wide range of different species of mint can be used to make the tea, but the most popular ones include; peppermint (Mentha piperita) and spearmint (Mentha spicata).

Both spearmint and peppermint are native to Europe and Asia but these days they are readily available anywhere in the world. 

You can pick mint green tea from local grocery stores or even grow it in your garden. 

And mint green tea has become so popular that nowadays, teabags are also available, holding similar benefits as fresh teas.

To extract the maximum benefits from mint tea, pluck the fresh leaves in the morning before drying them and brewing. 

Then enjoy a hot cup of peppermint tea in the morning to keep you fresh, focused, and energized for much longer than a cup of coffee.

12 Health Benefits of Mint Green Tea

So let’s take a look at the awesome health benefits of mint green tea.

Research suggests that green teas have a strong compound that helps in the breakdown of plaques that build up in arteries.

1. Treats an upset stomach

Peppermint tea is well known to treat different stomach disorders. 

This is because the leaves of the peppermint plant have beneficial essential oils that aid in maintaining stomach health.

Methanol that is present in peppermint leaves helps to relax the stomach muscles and improve circulation. 

In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint tea reduce stomach inflammation, and ease severe pains.

Additionally the additional benefits of menthol are that it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices. 

Secretion of gastric juices will help to quicken the process of digestion thus speeding up your metabolism. 

So why not try a hybrid of spearmint tea with beneficial herbs like; ginger or marshmallow root to make your bathroom trip pleasant.

2. Relax Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome is a digestive disorder that causes a range of unpleasant symptoms to occur together. 

The patients suffer repeated abdominal pain and may develop diarrhea, constipation, or both.

For years peppermint oil capsules have been given as a natural remedy to such patients. 

But patients can also drink peppermint tea to get relief from this disturbing stomach ailment. 

Subsequently, drinking a hot cup of peppermint tea will reduce flatulence, bloating, and stomach aches caused by IBS.

3. Improves mental wellbeing

Mint green tea drinkers will get a stimulating boost for their mental health as well as their body. 

In the International Journal of Neuroscience, researchers found that peppermint has a strong tendency to improve memory and increase alertness.

Interestingly, some detailed studies show that the aroma of menthol present in peppermint leaves will interfere with the hippocampus- an area responsible for mental clarity and focus. 

In other words, drinking peppermint tea is a great way to boost your brain function.

So, grab a hot cup of peppermint tea, take baby sips, inhale the refreshing aroma, and get charged for the day ahead.

4. Gets rid of bad breath

Peppermint tea is great for your oral health. 

Toothpaste usually contains peppermint to give you a refreshing feel and healthy gums. 

And those looking to strengthen their teeth and keep them healthy and fresh should try peppermint tea.

This is because the antibacterial properties of peppermint leaves will help fight harmful bacteria in the mouth and get rid of bad breath. 

Consider taking one cup of peppermint tea in the morning to have fresh breath all day.

5. Prevents nausea

Consuming mint is known to significantly decrease the inclination to vomit. 

The scent of peppermint will inhibit the feeling of nausea while menthol relaxes the stomach muscles.

And menthol not only relaxes the stomach muscles but also kills the antiperistalsis movements. 

So, people with motion sickness or seasickness can reduce the feeling of nausea by drinking peppermint tea before traveling. 

6. Fights common cold and flu

Herbal teas have been used as a natural remedy for years to cure common colds, flu, and a sore throat. 

Infuse peppermint leaves in hot water to get relief from a cold, stuffy nose and sore throat. 

As we know, menthol is a muscle relaxant; therefore, it helps to dilate the air passageways, eliminating congestion and calming ailments like bronchitis.

Furthermore, peppermint tea is a great source of natural antioxidants; these speed up blood circulation in the body. 

This increased blood circulation helps white blood cells move quickly in the bloodstream to fight foreign particles. 

And, peppermint tea holds many minerals and vitamins, mainly vitamin c. 

Additionally, Vitamin c helps stimulate the proper functioning of the immune system and helps your body fight against harmful invaders.

7. Caffeine-free tea offers sound sleep

Swap your traditional caffeinated hot drinks, coffee, or black tea with energizing and refreshing mint green tea. 

Because mint tea is a natural anti-caffeinated beverage and a great choice for those struggling with insomnia or anxiety.

The low caffeine content in fresh mint tea promises sound sleep, chamomile sleepytime tea is also great for this.

And the additional benefit of caffeine-free tea is that you do not require additional energy dip when caffeine level slips.

8. Maintains blood sugar levels

People following a sugar-free diet or those who want to avoid extra sugar intake should try mint green tea. 

The tea is an excellent alternative to over-sweetened colas, fruit juices, and sweetened cold drinks.

If you crave a little pick me up, then grab a hot cup of mint green tea to get both a refreshing and hydrating feel.

In addition, mint tea being sugar-free, helps keep blood sugar levels in their optimum range. 

Moreover, the tea reduces insulin sensitivity and inhibits spikes in glucose levels in the blood.

9. Eases Menstrual cramps

There is good news for women who suffer from menstrual cramps. 

Apart from the great health benefits of mint green tea that we’ve already mentioned, it is also beneficial for reducing severe pain during menstruation. 

Peppermint tea contains menthol that acts as a muscle relaxant; this helps to relax the walls of the uterus, thus easing the flow of blood through it.

And studies show that women who drank peppermint tea during their periods have reduced menstrual cramps. 

Which means that drinking this amazing tea will help to keep you hydrated, increase blood flow, and it lift your mood during the monthly cycle.

10. Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases

Have a cup of mint green tea daily and safeguard yourself from chronic heart diseases. 

Green tea promises good heart health and prevents severe heart issues. 

As powerful antioxidants are present in mint, these help lower the level of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Research suggests that green teas have a strong compound that helps in the breakdown of plaques that build up in arteries. 

As a result, removal of plaque from the arteries makes blood vessels dilate and reduces the risk of high blood pressure. 

And lower cholesterol levels will save you from a heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis. 

Similarly the antioxidants in peppermint tea also fight free radicals-reducing oxidative stress.

11. Benefits in weight loss

Drinking mint tea is a great choice for those who want to get rid of unwanted fat. 

The powerful refreshing aroma of mint tea will help to suppress appetite and inhibit food cravings.

Studies show that it contains compounds that boost fat burning and also speed up the rate of metabolism.

Drinking mint tea will burn approximately 80 to 100 additional calories per day. 

So those seeking a super companion to get rid of excess body fat should go with peppermint tea.

12. Anti-allergic effect

Along with a variety of health benefits, mint tea is also helpful in treating several types of allergies. 

It holds the amazing compound called rosmarinic acid.

This acid is usually found in rosemary and some species of the mint family. 

It helps to ease allergic symptoms including sneezing, itching, running rose, and is particularly helpful against seasonal allergies such as hay fever.

3 Side effects of mint tea

Like any other herbal tea, mint tea also has some minor side effects. 

People allergic to menthol or who have severe acid reflux should limit their intake of mint green tea. 

Pregnant and nursing women should also seek medical advice before consuming mint green tea.

1. Acid reflux

If you have chronic acid reflux or suffer from a similar disorder, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), then mint green tea should be consumed with caution. 

The menthol in it helps relax the stomach muscles that prevent the secretion of acids in GERD patients.

2. Risk of Miscarriage

Women with a history of miscarriages should not consume mint green tea during pregnancy. 

Intake of peppermint tea in expecting mothers can lead to miscarriage. 

Furthermore, nursing mothers should also avoid mint green tea as peppermint oils can cause breathing issues in infants.

3. Interference with prescription drugs

Mint green tea can interfere with heartburn and acid reflux medicines. 

So, it is advised to ask your doctor before taking a cup of green tea, especially the patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Benefits of mint green tea - The Bottom line

Mint green tea has some excellent health benefits and prevents the spread of several diseases. 

But, patients with sensitivity should seek proper medical advice before drinking mint green tea in large quantities. 

Drink one or two cups of herbal tea a day to get the most out of the health benefits.

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