Impressive Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Tea

Benefits of Eucalyptus Tea

What is Eucalyptus Tea, And Is It Good For You?

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that has many medicinal properties. It is native to Australia and is used worldwide and used in a variety of ways. 

In their purest form, eucalyptus leaves are tough and hard to digest, and can also be used as an essential oil for inhalation and topical use.

But when turned into tea they become safe for consumption and you can benefit from the many ways they boost your health.

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at the powerful benefits of eucalyptus tea.

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Tea

Eucalyptus tea has numerous health benefits, it provides strong skin barrier protection and is great for fighting against a wide variety of bacteria

It’s also beneficial for oral care, your respiratory system, combating heart disease, and building immunity against asthma.

Eucalyptus is great to use as a tea but you can also find some of its beauty benefits in various carrier oils. 

Let’s take a look at 7 reasons eucalyptus tea is great for your health.

1. Packed With Antioxidants

Although fresh leaves cannot be consumed as a tea, they can when dried. 

Eucalyptus extract is considered to be a great source of antioxidants which help in protecting the human body from free radical damage and oxidative stress. 

Foods like eucalyptus that contain kaempferol, catechins, phloretin, luteolin, isorhamnetin, and quercetin are considered to be important in protecting human beings against disease.

Eucalyptus tea is also beneficial for oral care, your respiratory system, combating heart disease, and building immunity against asthma.

Heart diseases, cancer, and dementia are amongst the illnesses that antioxidants are known to be effective against. 

Flavonoids are also associated with combating fatal heart disease. 

Eucalyptus tea is great for adults however because children have a lower toxicity threshold they should not drink it.

Be sure to seek professional help from healthcare providers before giving this tea to children.

2. Great For Colds And Flu

Cold symptoms can also be easily gotten rid of with the help of eucalyptus tea. 

In fact, it is believed to have been a natural cold remedy for many years, and this is the reason it is a common ingredient in cough and cold products. 

Eucalyptus helps significantly decrease mucus production and expands the bronchioles in the lungs. 

In the same way, it is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent. 

Cineole is also an important compound found in Eucalyptus oil which is responsible for eucalyptol. 

It is in fact this ingredient that helps in getting rid of cold symptoms such as nasal congestion and headache.

A cup of eucalyptus tea is a fantastic way of cleansing the respiratory tract

3. Hydrates Your Skin

Eucalyptus tea is an important remedy for treating dry skin, it helps by increasing ceramide content. 

Ceramides refer to a fatty acid found in human skin which maintains an essential barrier for retaining moisture. 

People who have skin disorders and dandruff usually have lower ceramide levels

Topical eucalyptus leaves are used to boost ceramide production in the skin. 

Therefore, it is a good natural compound that can maintain skin moisture. 

Similarly, macrocarpal A is also an important compound that increases ceramide levels

The benefits of eucalyptus are not only skin-related but also help with hair problems such as dandruff

4. Helps Pain Relief

One cup of Eucalyptus tea can also be used as a pain reliever

It has anti-inflammatory compounds, such as cineole and limonene which play an important role in pain relief, especially joint pain.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

If eucalyptus vapor is inhaled it can help to lower blood pressure especially for patients in post operative surgery. 

If you would prefer a warm cup of eucalyptus tea than inhaling eucalyptus vapor then you will also get the benefits of lower blood pressure.

Eucalyptus tea plays an important role in increasing activity in the parasympathetic nervous system.

6. Improves Dental Health

Eucalyptus leaf extract is used as an important ingredient in dental health. 

This is because eucalyptus contains macrocarpa C and ethanol which are good in the appropriate doses for dental health. 

Various dental problems, plaque buildup, tooth decay, gum diseases, and bacterial infections associated with mouth and teeth can be treated by drinking eucalyptus tea. 

It also helps in getting rid of bad breath.

7. Projects Against Insect Bites

Eucalyptus also acts as a natural insect repellent

After topical application, it can get rid of mosquitos and other biting insects for up to 8 hours.

Ok… so maybe that one isn’t strictly about Eucalyptus tea, but it is far too good not to share!

Side Effects Of Eucalyptus Tea

As with all-natural remedies, there can be side effects if consumed in the wrong way. 

Pregnant women and children should take caution before consuming eucalyptus tea as high amounts can be toxic.

If you are using eucalyptus oil instead then you should also be careful.

When applied to the skin it can cause irritation. 

Therefore, a carrier oil should be used with it such as coconut oil or jojoba oil, or pure almond oil. 

How Do You Make Eucalyptus Tea?

Eucalyptus tea bags are an easy way to make eucalyptus tea but you will find greater benefits by making it yourself. 

For this, you need 1 or 2 teaspoons of dried eucalyptus leaves and a pot of hot water.
Simply steep the leaves for 15 minutes in the hot water and the tea is ready. 

This was originally an Australian aboriginal herbal tea and is still used by natives today.

Eucalyptus trees were introduced in the Southeastern United States in 1878 and was enjoyed in American tradition as a native American herbal drink. 

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Tea - The Bottom Line

To conclude, eucalyptus tea is safe to consume and has some awesome health benefits. 

The anti-inflammatory properties ease tension and antioxidants help in reducing oxidative stress.

Similarly, the antiseptic properties in eucalyptus tea help with pain relief. 

Drinking eucalyptus tea is an effective treatment for colds, asthma, cough, and many other diseases. 

It also helps in improving the immune system.

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