Unbelievable Benefits of Medicinal Herbal Tea

benefits of medical herbal tea

The awesome power of medicinal herbal tea

Are you curious about the Benefits of Medicinal Herbal Tea?

The world of medicine is evolving every day, but sometimes ancient remedies still have the edge on modern science. 

The use of medicinal herbal tea is one of those remedies that has stood the test of time and continues to work wonders today. 

The art of tea drinking goes back thousands of years but more recently, its benefits have been studied scientifically.

Tea dates back to ancient China where it was drunk both as a luxury and for medicinal purposes.

Herbal teas tend to be a blend of herbs or spices that are often combined with true tea from the Camellia sinensis plant.

One of the perks of herbal teas is that they are usually caffeine-free and when caffeine is present, it is in small amounts.

Tisane is another name for herbal tea.

In this article we’re going to look at various types of medicinal herbal teas and why they are so good for your mind and body.

9 universal benefits of herbal tea

There are many benefits of medicinal herbal tea.

And different types of tisane elicit different benefits but many of them are common across all of them. 

Some of the universal benefits of medicinal herbal tea are listed below; 

  1. They refresh and rejuvenate the body.
  2. They help you unwind and help your body release stress. 
  3. Herbal teas also help in the prevention of chronic illnesses like heart disease, lupus, arthritis, and cancer.
  4. Medicinal herbal tea blends help fight colds and flu, both their treatment and prevention.
  1. They possess antiaging properties, by improving the elasticity of the skin and helping blood flow to the skin. 
  2. Natural tea blends help with memory retention and clarity of thought for the elderly. 
  3. Herbal teas improve the wellbeing of the immune system, making your body better placed to fight diseases. 
  4. Medicinal tea lowers blood pressure 
  5. Finally, they help in weight loss due to their powerful detoxing antioxidant properties.

Now let’s take a look at some individual teas and their fantastic benefits.

10 Amazing herbal teas

1. Roobois tea

Red Rooibos tea hails from South Africa, has an earthy flavor, and comes packed with benefits.

To start with, the tea is low on tannins and is filled with antioxidant properties that help in weight loss.

Moreover, Rooibos tea is known to lower blood sugar levels, which is great for diabetic patients. 

Rooibos tea also has anti-inflammatory properties that are good for people with arthritis. 

2. Peppermint tea

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of this medicinal tea? Fresh, minty, cooling? 

All of these attributes come from the mint family.

Peppermint tea is loaded with refreshing properties that alleviate stress and promote relaxation. 

It helps with digestion making it a good option for people with irritable bowel syndrome or other chronic digestion issues. 

To add to that, peppermint tea soothes menstrual cramps and sore throats, improves nasal airflow, keeps your breath fresh, and strengthens your immune system.

3. Rosehip Tea

This herbal tea is extracted from the fruit buds of the rose plant. 

Rosehip tea has a relatively sharp, strong aftertaste, making it an acquired taste.

But those who persevere with the taste can experience benefits like healthy weight loss, better blood flow, and improved natural immunity. 

Rose hips are rich in Vitamin C and are excellent for patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Check out this article dedicated to the power of rosehip tea.

4. Sage tea

Sage tea is a tea that is said to have unique properties that are good for brain health.

It boosts cognitive functions and can help patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Drinking sage tea also significantly improves memory in adults. 

Want to know about the benefits of sage tea? Follow the link.

5. Ginger tea

Ginger tea is one of the most common medicinal teas

It is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties which make it great for easing muscle tension and soothing your gut.

It also boosts the immune system and relieves nausea in the early stages of pregnancy. 

Another benefit of ginger tea is that it can prevent stomach ulcers and provide relief for people with IBS.

6. Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm tea helps improve blood flow thereby preventing heart disease, mental deterioration, and the risk of strokes.

The elasticity of the skin also improves gradually over time, if you drink one to two cups of lemon tea per day.

Take a look at these soothing health benefits of lemon tea.

7. Chamomile tea

This medicinal tea is well known for its calming effects. 

For most people, a sleepless night is made better by having a cup of chamomile tea which is also why it is referred to as sleepytime tea. 

Additionally, chamomile tea has antibacterial properties that help rid the body of harmful bacteria.

The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile tea help soothe joints and aching muscles. 

We’ve written an article all about the soothing benefits of sleepytime tea, read it here.

8. Oolong tea

Struggling with losing weight? 

Search no further, oolong tea is your answer.

Oolong tea aids in weight loss by acting as a detoxifying agent and also seeks to boost your metabolism.

As well as that, drinking oolong tea improves general blood flow.

Because of this it reduces high blood pressure and clogging of blood vessels caused by the accumulation of fats or lipids in the vascular system.

9. Hibiscus tea

This is one of the most colorful medicinal teas, its red color is obtained from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. 

More than just a gorgeous appearance, hibiscus tea has antiviral properties which are great if you are suffering from the flu.

Hibiscus tea is also great if your body is battling oxidative stress. 

Oxidation stress is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. 

This property makes it good for people who engage in intense physical activities like athletics or playing football.

10. Yogi tea

Yogi tea is a type of herbal tea that has multiple health benefits. 

Foremost, yogi tea contains polyphenol, this component is great for health promotion and general well-being. 

A good example of one of the health benefits of yogi tea is the prevention of heart disease and stroke.

You can experience the benefits of yogi tea by having just two or three cups on a daily basis. 

Unlike most herbal teas, yogi tea has low caffeine levels making it good for increasing alertness and energy levels, without making you jittery.

Benefits of medicinal herbal tea - The bottom line

In conclusion, medicinal teas are highly beneficial for both your body and mind. 

Despite this seeming like a recent discovery, they have been in use for centuries by native peoples across the world.

Organic herbal teas have minimal to no side effects and are considered clean drinks. 

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