15 Scientific Health Benefits of Orange Spice Tea

orange spice tea

The creative Genius of Orange Spice Tea

What are the benefits of orange spice tea?  I hear you cry. 

What even is orange spice tea?

Fear not, all will be answered in the article below.

When the weather begins to turn and the temperature starts to drop there is a significant chance of getting a cough, sore throat, cold, or the flu. 

The perfect way to avoid these is to look after yourself properly, starting with what you drink. 

Tea is the most common drink worldwide and from humble origins in the far east, the tea industry now dominates countries like Sri Lanka.

Lucky for us herbal tea drinkers there are now tens of varieties hitting the shelves;

Green tea, white tea, black tea, raspberry tea, spice tea, ice tea, are to name but a handful.

One tea that you might not be familiar with is orange spice tea. 

Keep reading to find out the benefits of orange spice tea and why it should be top of your drinks list when you get the sniffles.

What is Orange spice tea?

Orange spice tea brings a whole host of benefits that you wouldn’t think of when you first stumble across it but what is it and where does it come from?

You can make orange spice tea by combining black tea leaves with orange peels and a host of spices. 

This type of tea brings the perfect balance of sour and zesty flavor and you can even make it at home to give it your own personal twist.

Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea
Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea

The benefits are extracted from a black tea base with some aromatic spices and citrus peels, locking in the same taste as Darjeeling tea. 

This herbal tea has been consumed for about 3000 years in China but was only brought to Europe and North America in the 19th century.

What are the benefits of orange spice tea?

The short answer is that drinking this type of herbal tea combines the active ingredients of orange, spices, and tea which each have their own health benefits. 

The beauty of spiced herbal teas is that the ingredients and taste only stop with your imagination.

Various spices can be added to this delicious tea to enhance its taste and get more benefits, we’d recommend: 

Ginger root, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom to enhance the taste of your orange spice tea.

The beauty of orange spice tea is that the health benefits are in your control. Being creative with the ingredients is the best way to tailor your herbal experience.

If we move beyond just tasting delicious, Orange spice tea is also a fantastic drink to give you a healthy body. 

It is a rich source of antioxidants along with vitamin b, vitamin c, and other beneficial compounds that will prevent the risk of certain diseases. 

Let’s take a look at exactly what the health benefits of orange spice tea are.

1. Fights infections- cold and flu

Flu, cold, and other viral infections are most common during the winter months and this is where orange spice tea comes into its own.

Citrus peels help combat nasal congestion, while ginger carries anti-inflammatory properties to calm the inflamed nasal tracts.

Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea
Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea

Drinking orange spice tea also helps soothe the throat and reduce fever.

2. Prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Orange spice black tea will help improve heart health. 

Researchers have shown that beneficial compounds in cinnamon help reduce LDL cholesterol.

Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea
Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea

Polyphenols in this tea have antioxidant properties that prevent the risk of chronic diseases. 

Combine these with the flavonoids in the citrus peels and you have a great formula to help to treat heart disease.

3. Helps trim body fat

Green tea itself helps in the reduction of excess body fat, but when blended with ginger and orange, the result can be amplified. 

Orange ginger green tea locks natural orange flavors and helps shed pounds by boosting your metabolism.

The presence of fiber in citrus peels also helps ward off an excess fat layer from the body.

4. Maintains blood pressure

Cassia cinnamon is a delicious cinnamon type containing compounds that prevent narrowing blood vessels and reduce blood clots formation. 

Make sure to only add a moderate amount of this cinnamon to your tea as the side effects include; disturbance in liver function and increased risk of bleeding.

5. Eases the pain of menstrual cramps

The beneficial compounds in oranges are directly linked to reducing pain and discomfort during periods. 

The surprising fact is that vitamin c in fresh orange juice can trigger a period. 

Women can get relief from menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, and dysmenorrhea just by taking a cup of orange spice tea.

6. Soothes allergic reactions

The rich content of vitamin C in oranges helps to relieve various types of allergies, most commonly, allergic rhinitis.

This is that horrible feeling of irritation in the upper part of the trachea when it catches pollen from blooming plants.

Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea
Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea

Taking cups of hot orange tea will help eradicate the problem. 

If you want to turn the heat up a little then add licorice root to your herbal tea to amplify the benefits. 

You can also consume fresh orange slices or iced tea (orange flavor) to soothe allergic reactions.

7. Fights free radicals

Add cinnamon to your orange tea and to really intensify the high antioxidant content. 

Antioxidants fight off free radicals, these are molecules that can damage healthy cells and cause chronic diseases such as cancer.

Cinnamon holds antioxidant properties that strengthen your immune system and prevent the spread of various diseases which occur due to free radicals.

8. Lowers blood sugar levels

Orange cinnamon tea is also beneficial in regulating blood glucose levels. 

Studies have shown that cinnamon can have strong antidiabetic effects by lowering insulin resistance and increasing its effectiveness.

Orange tea further contributes by breaking the carbohydrates lying in the gut, thus preventing glucose spikes in your blood after meals.

9. Pain reliever

Spices like cayenne, ginger, or cinnamon carry anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation and deliver pain relief.

Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea
Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea

Add moderate amounts of these spices to your cup of tea and free yourself from severe pain especially if you suffer from arthritis or bursitis.

10. Maintains healthy teeth

Have a cup of orange spice tea regularly and make your smile prettier and more confident. 

Citrus peels contain vitamin c, pectin, limonene, and other beneficial compounds that act as natural teeth whiteners.

Spices like cloves strengthen the gums and prevent tooth decay and ginger will give you naturally fresh breath. 

Create your own version of orange spice tea and to improve your chances of healthy teeth and gums.

11. Fights skin aging and acne

People are usually worried about skin-related issues, the most common ones being acne and scarring from acne. 

Drinking organic black tea or orange spice tea will leave you with clear and radiating skin especially if you do so from a young age.

Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea
Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea

The compounds in orange spice tea will help get rid of the unwanted oily substances from your skin, increase hydration and reduce the appearance of aging skin.

12. Boosts proper brain functioning

Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cinnamon safeguards brain cells from getting degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 

It has also been shown to stimulate motor neuron function in individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Drinking orange spice tea is the easiest way to boost your brain’s functioning as it increases alpha activity in the brain that keeps you alert and focused all day. 

If you are looking for a pick-me-up beverage, you should try a cup of orange spice tea in the morning.

13. Safeguards you against cancer

There has been recent scientific research that suggests that cinnamon extracts such as those used in spiced tea are potentially helpful in preventing cancer. 

The compounds in cinnamon have been shown to fight against harmful cancer cells, including skin cancer. 

Oolong tea is another herbal tea that’s potentially beneficial in treating breast cancer.

14. Improves liver health

Adding orange spice tea to your daily diet can really be a blessing to your liver. 

Studies have shown that people who consume green tea with rich antioxidant properties have improved liver enzyme levels.

As orange spice tea is also rich in antioxidants, drinking it will help reduce oxidative stress and lower the levels of fat deposition in the liver.

15. Maintains a healthy digestive system

Get the perfect balance of juicy orange taste and a guaranteed body cleanser by sipping orange spice black tea in the morning. 

The strong taste will stimulate the secretion of saliva and production of stomach acids.

Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea
Health Benefits Of Orange Spice Tea

The increased production of these two will aid in the digestion process helping food to be broken down in your body more quickly. 

The orange pulp slices are a rich source of vitamin C that speeds up the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract and quickens the metabolism rate.

Benefits of Orange Spice Tea - The Bottom line

Orange spice tea has many anecdotal health benefits that helps to safeguard its drinkers against many common ailments. 

It is a great beverage to start or end your day with that not only tastes good but also uses natural products to improve your health. 

You can consume orange herbal tea in either hot or iced form and we’d recommend experimenting with flavors in your kitchen.

This tea holds rich nutrients like vitamin c, folic acid, beta carotene that kick harmful disease causing agents into touch. 

Present yourself with a cup of orange spice tea tomorrow morning and unlock the outstanding health benefits.