What Is The Best Herbal Tea For Bloating?

tea for bloating

10 Great Teas to help with bloating

Drinking tea for bloating can help to ease symptoms and improve the way that you feel.

Bloating can be an uncomfortable and painful condition, making your stomach feel excessively tight and full, like there’s no room in your digestive tract

Often, a bloated and painful stomach is a result of having excess intestinal gas. 

Bloating can also occur when your gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with air, for instance, after consuming cruciferous vegetables and fizzy drinks

It can also be caused by other simple reasons such as swallowing air, menstruation, weight gain, and overeating.

Unless your bloating is caused by an underlying disease, your doctor can recommend over-the-counter drugs to relieve the symptoms. 

Some herbal ingredients, including probiotics and herbal teas, can also relieve temporary gas and bloating.

 Is your stomach bloated, and it’s affecting how your clothes fit? 

Or is the discomfort frustrating you? 

Don’t worry. Here are the best herbal teas for bloating.

The 10 Best Herbal Teas for Bloating

Below is a comprehensive list of the best teas for bloating.

1. Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is a strong-smelling beverage made from dried fennel seeds. 

It has a taste similar to licorice with an incredibly relaxing aroma. 

Fennel tea is a rich source of antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties

It has a long history of use in traditional medicine to relieve digestive disorders such as constipation, bloating, and stomach pain.

Tea For Bloating
Tea For Bloating

According to a recent animal study, fennel tea can help prevent ulcers, thereby reducing your risk of bloating. 

On top of that, this natural remedy has been shown to relieve sluggish bowels, constipation, and abdominal bloating.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is quite popular for its unmatched health benefits

A cup of this nutritious tea can have beneficial effects on a bloated or upset stomach

Besides promoting weight loss, studies also suggest that green tea can promote healthy digestion thanks to its high polyphenol content.  

Polyphenols are powerful digestive compounds naturally produced by the tea plant that can help improve your digestive system process. 

On top of that, research suggests that the catechins in green tea bags can help soothe muscles in the GI tract

There is also evidence that green tea can relieve a bloated stomach by removing the build-up of gas in the intestines.

3. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile, scientifically known as chamomillae romanae, belongs to the daisy family. 

The dried flower heads of this herb are often infused in hot water to make a herbal infusion – chamomile tea. 

Chamomile tea was popularly used in ancient times to relieve symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, gas, and indigestion.

Today, there is strong evidence that chamomile tea consumption can help with digestive symptoms

During an animal study, chamomile tea was shown to protect the subjects from Helicobacter pylori bacteria which causes stomach ulcers and bloating. 

Chamomile flower also contains high levels of natural compounds such as antioxidants and flavonoids, which play a role in lowering your risk of many medical conditions, including cardiovascular diseases.

4. Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm tea is another highly effective herbal tea for bloating. 

This aromatic beverage has a citrusy taste with subtle notes of mint and has been used in traditional medicine to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, and digestive discomfort such as colic, gas, and bloating.

Tea For Bloating
Tea For Bloating

According to the European Medicine Agency, lemon balm tea can have potent positive effects on mild digestive issues such as excess gas and bloating. 

This beverage also contains anti-inflammatory effects that can help relieve an upset stomach.

5. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is another highly sought-after tea for bloating. 

This herbal tea has a long history of traditional use to improve digestive health and treat irritable bowel syndrome for centuries.

Peppermint oil and tea are made from peppermint leaves which contain a high menthol content.

Menthol is an aromatic organic plant compound with anti-inflammatory properties that decrease inflammation and soothe stomach discomfort.

6. Gentian Root

Gentian is a bitter herb whose roots and, sometimes, the bark are used in making medicines to help with various medical conditions

This herb has been used for medicinal purposes throughout the years to relieve stomach problems such as diarrhea, bloating, heartburn, appetite loss, and digestive issues.

Gentian root is popularly used to make a bitter-tasting tea that’s often consumed as a digestive tonic to boost stomach, gallbladder, and liver function. 

In fact, this herb has long been used to make digestive bitters in Ayurveda medicine. 

That’s thanks to its flavonoid and iridoid compounds which stimulate the release of bile and digestive juices. 

These fluids help with digestion and can relieve bloating by promoting food breakdown.

7. Licorice Root Tea

Made from the roots of the medicinal plant licorice, licorice root tea boasts a taste like that of black licorice and is a potential solution for bloating. 

This tea contains a high level of flavonoids which have been shown to have beneficial antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects.

Drinking a hot cup of tea after a meal can help soothe your digestive system and encourage bowel movement, thereby relieving bloating.

8. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is made by steeping various parts (leaves, flowers, and roots) of the green herb dandelion in hot water. 

This natural remedy is an excellent detoxifier and can prevent liver diseases. 

It is also a natural diuretic that can help reduce bloating by eliminating excess water weight from the body.

On top of its anti-bloating and detoxifying effects, dandelion tea also possesses high levels of prebiotic fibers, which enhance the production of friendly bacteria in the gut. 

Hence, regular consumption of dandelion tea can improve gut health, protecting you from the risk of bloating.

9. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea tastes rich with a spicy flavor and is one of the most effective teas for a bloated tummy

It also helps with some of the most common gastrointestinal complaints, such as abdominal pain and poor digestion.

Turmeric tea has been shown to enhance a good digestive system by relieving stomach disorders such as gas and uncomfortable bloating. 

Drinking moderate amounts of turmeric tea on a daily routine can further improve bowel movements, promoting weight loss.

10. Hibiscus Tea

The medicinal properties of hibiscus tea can significantly reduce bloating by promoting stomach comfort. 

This herbal tea for bloating is caffeine-free and can help eliminate excess water retention and bloating by directly influencing your hormones.

More specifically, hibiscus tea contains a high concentration of flavonoids that modulate aldosterone. 

Aldosterone is a steroid hormone whose primary role is to regulate water intake and electrolyte levels (sodium, chloride, potassium, etc.).

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