7 Outstanding Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed

Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed

7 Reasons You should be drinking guinea hen weed tea

Curious about the benefits of Guinea Hen Weed?

If you’ve ever walked through the Texas countryside, you may have seen an attractive weed with fern-like leaves (guinea hen leaf) and delicate white flowers. 

As well as its common name of guinea hen weed,you may also hear it referred to as;

  • Gully Root
  • Congo Root
  • Apazote de Zorro
  • Anamu Plant

This weed has a different Jamaican name according to Jamaican herb doctors – it’s also known as Jamaican guinea hen weed and Anamu weed.

Or maybe you know it by its scientific name (botanical name) Petiveria Alliacea – whatever you call it,  it’s one of the most versatile plants available.

All About Guinea Hen Weed

Not only does it add beauty to the landscape, but it also has a long list of medicinal properties, it is packed with multiple health benefits

This unique plant has dark green leaves with a purple underside and small, star-shaped flowers. 

What makes garlic weed really stand out, though, is its unmistakable smell. If you get too close, you’ll pick up a strong garlic-like smell

Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed
Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed

Garlic vine is perfect for adding interest to any garden or landscape, and it’s easy to care for too.

It is widely found in the United States, Mexico, Central America or tropical areas of the Caribbean, and South America. 

So, let’s have a closer look at the benefits of Guinea Hen Weed. 

7 Health Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed

This little-known, yet highly effective, natural insect repellent is a member of the marigold family.

It’s been used for generations by Native South Americans to keep bugs at bay and can be found growing wild in many parts of the country.

Guinea Hen Weed has been shown to be effective in fighting infections, flu symptoms, viruses, and cancer.

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to repel insects this summer, guinea hen weed may be just what you need.

In the rest of this article, we are going to dive into each benefit and explain why exactly you should be adding it to your diet.

1. Treatment Of Cancer With Guinea Hen Weed

Did you know that guinea hen weed has anti-carcinogenic properties

This little-known weed (anamu leaves) is a powerful cancer fighter, and it’s been used to treat cancer for centuries. 

Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed
Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed

In the world of cancer treatments, there are many different options available to patients, one option that is becoming more popular is the use of guinea hen weed as an alternative cancer treatment.

This herb has been shown to be effective in attacking the growth of cancer cells, breast cancer, prostate cancer cells and preventing their growth. 

2. Boosts Your Immune System

Are you looking for a natural way to support your immune system

Check out the benefits of guinea hen weed! This herb has been used for centuries to boost the immune system and fight disease. 

Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed
Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed

Researchers are still discovering all of the ways that guinea hen weed can help keep us healthy, but so far it has been shown to be effective in fighting infections, flu symptoms, viruses, and cancer.

This is by increasing the productivity of the body’s auto-immune response.

3. Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed Tea

If you’re looking to improve your diet, you might want to consider drinking guinea hen weed tea

This tea is known for its many health benefits, including weight loss and proper digestion.

It can solve digestive problems because it is a traditional remedy

So, if you’re looking for a way to jump-start your weight loss journey, these detox teas might be the perfect solution for you.

4. Great For Diabetes Patients

Clinical research suggests that guinea hen weed tea may be beneficial for diabetes patients. 

The study found that guinea hen weed tea significantly lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic rats, and also improved their overall lipid profile. 

If you suffer from diabetes, it might be worth giving guinea hen weed tea a try.

5. Aid Digestion With Guinea Hen Weed

Guinea Hen Weed tea aids in the digestion of food and helps to cleanse the gut. 

Additionally, the tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe the digestive system.

 If you are looking for a natural way to help your digestion, guinea hen weed tea is a good option. 

This unique herb is filled with benefits and is beneficial for an empty stomach

6. Good For The Nervous System

Do you ever feel like your stress levels are getting the best of you? If so, you may want to consider giving guinea hen weed tea a try. 

This tea has been shown to have a positive effect on the central nervous system, which can help to reduce anxiety and stress. 

Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed
Benefits Of Guinea Hen Weed

Coupled with its scientific benefits, the ritual of preparing a hot drink and the relaxed pace it’s enjoyed can also have really positive benefits on the human nervous system.

7. Increases Your Sweat And Urine Production

This natural tea has been shown to help the body excrete fluids more effectively, making it a great choice for those looking to boost their metabolism and improve their overall health. 

If you’re like most people, you probably think of blood thinners as prescription medications prescribed to help prevent blood clots. 

However, there is one natural blood thinner that you may not be aware of – guinea hen weed.

Side effects For Pregnant Women

While there are clearly some very real benefits to using Guinea Hen Weed, there is a caution you should pay close attention to if you are pregnant.

Guinea hen weed is known to cause contractions of the uterus, which can lead to miscarriages and abortions.

So, if you’re a pregnant woman, be careful not to ingest this weed, instead seek medical advice from your practitioner before taking anything you are not familiar with.

Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed - The Bottom Line

Guinea hen weed leaf extract really is a miracle plant and can help improve your overall health and well-being. 

Medical practitioners are constantly looking into its even further benefits and its  antispasmodic properties to treat spasms and cramps.

At the Herbal Health Hut, we would always recommend consulting your health care provider before ingesting anything you are unsure about, or need to understand in relation to existing treatments.