14 Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

benefits of black seed oil

Are black seeds good for you?

Are you trying to discover the benefits of black seed oil?

Keep reading to find out what it is and where the health benefits come from.

The black seed plant is also known as the Nigella sativa plant is a naturally occurring plant from which the very beneficial health oil, black seed oil is derived. 

This oil is intended to be used naturally without the addition of any extra essential oils to get the most from it.

This small plant (n. Sativa) comes from the Ranunculaceae family is exclusively found in regions of Southwest Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Southwest Asia.

It flowers annually, producing pale white and blue petals with distinctive jet-black seeds.

As well as the names given above it is also known as black cumin, Roman coriander, Black caraway, and black onion seed.

Much like other natural oils like olive oil, black cumin seed oil has been used by native people for centuries for its healing properties.

In addition to having healing powers, black cumin seeds are also used in multiple food items to enhance their taste and add nutritional value.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of black seed oil.

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14 prominent health benefits of black seed oil

Black seed oil was considered a ‘panacea’ in ancient times.

This meant that it was widely used to treat all manner of diseases and ailments, yes that’s right, the ancients thought it was that good!

Though modern-day science has not fully proved that all of its benefits are applicable, there is no doubt that black seed oil packs one hell of a healthy punch.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the prominent health benefits of black seed oil.

1. High antioxidant ratio

Free radicals are damaging compounds from the environment that lead to cell damage and several other deteriorating health effects. 

Plants like black seed have a high antioxidant ratio that helps to repair cells and provide protection against these harmful free radicals.

Antioxidants are vital components in repairing damaged cells, increasing muscle health, and relieving muscle cramps

Most importantly they play a vital role in repairing brain cells and combating fatal diseases like myocardial infarction, and cancer.

2. Great for asthma patients

As we know, asthma patients can have difficulty breathing, their airways swell up making it harder to get oxygen to their lungs. 

Medical research suggests that there are prominent amounts of an active ingredient called Thymoquinone oil in black seed oil.

This aids in reducing inflammation and muscle relaxation. 

Making it a very beneficial treatment for asthma.

A recent study also found that patients taking capsules of 500 mg of thymoquinone black seed essential oil are found to have improved breathing.

3. Helps with weight loss

Though the mechanics of losing weight by taking black seed oil is not fully understood, it is found to be an effective treatment for people with obesity.

A recent study on obese women gave them a low-calorie diet and 3 grams meal of black seed oil per day. 

In the second control group, the women were just put on the low-calorie diet and did not take the black seed oil.

At the end of the study, they found that the women who took the black seed successfully lost more weight than those who didn’t.

The daily routine of both groups was monitored to ensure there were as little variables as possible.

4. Helps Manage blood sugar levels

Black seed has many medicinal uses, and can be very helpful in lowering blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes often suffer from high sugar levels that can lead to complications even tragic consequences.

In the Journal of Diabetes, research proved that people consuming 2 grams of black seed oil per day have reduced blood sugar and HBA1C levels and an improved healing process.

5. Good for nasal itching and swelled up sinuses

People who have issues with their sinuses should really consider incorporating black seed into their lives. 

In a 2018 study, it was found that a teaspoon of black seed oil had an important role in aiding patients suffering from sinusitis.

Though the benefits of black seed oil are not just found in reducing the swelling in sinusitis but also in helping damaged skin heal itself more quickly.

6. Promotes Strong hair growth

Hair is a protein, and when there is a protein deficiency in your body, you suffer from hair loss, hair damage, and hair thinning. 

That is why doctors recommend people have a protein-rich diet when they are suffering from poor hair conditions.

Black seeds are rich in amino acids and are an excellent way of fulfilling protein deficiency in your body.

Aestheticians recommend black seed oil supplements for people enduring hair loss to improve their condition. 

The use of black seed oil is good for people suffering from hair loss caused by stress or shock.

7. Helps rheumatoid arthritis

According to the research publications of immunological investigation, black seed may have the power to cure and treat rheumatoid arthritis. 

They conducted a thorough study of 43 women, in which there were two groups; a control group and an experimental group.

The experimental group took black seed oil supplements in addition to their medicine, while the control group only relied on medicine for one month.

After a month, the results showed drastic improvements in the patients of the experimental group. 

They showed:

  1. Reduced inflammation in muscles due to anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil.
  2. Reduced number of inflammatory markers in the blood due to nigella sativa seeds
  3. Less swollen joints

8. Contains Anti-inflammatory properties

Did you know that black seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties

A recent clinical trial has shown that black seed can help to reduce inflammation in the body.

This is great news, especially if you’re struggling with a health condition that is aggravated by inflammation. 

Swollen joints or muscle pain are typical examples of inflammation.

9. Lowers high blood pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Have you been looking for a natural way to reduce it? 

If so, you may want to try organic black seed oil. 

Black seed oil is commonly used as a natural remedy to help reduce high blood pressure.

A recent study found that organic black seed oil was just as effective as medication in reducing high blood pressure. 

So, if you’re looking for a natural way to lower blood pressure levels, consider giving organic black seed oil a try.

10. Supports your Immune System

Recent studies suggest that black seed oil benefits have powerful immune-boosting properties.

This makes it an excellent choice for boosting your immune system during cold and flu season.

This is mainly due to the high concentration of anti-oxidants that are packed into the seeds.

11. Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels

Taking black seed oil can help decrease your cholesterol levels and prevent the build up of fatty deposits in your blood vessels.

Studies by a renowned healthcare provider have shown that taking black seed oil once a day for six weeks can be an effective way to reduce cholesterol levels.

12. Prevents Weight Gain

As well as being a great aid to weight loss, taking a black seed oil supplement can also help you keep unwanted weight off. 

Recent studies have shown that this miracle oil can help reduce appetite and promote healthy weight loss.

Taking small amounts of black seed oil in supplement form is beneficial for maintaining a healthy BMI.

13. Treats Breast Cancer

Did you know that black seed oil has been shown to be an effective treatment for breast cancer? 

Researchers have seen significant improvements in breast cancer sufferers who have started taking black seed oil daily.

There is growing research to suggest that black seed oil has powerful anti-cancer properties. 

This is most likely down to the concentration of anti-oxidant properties contained in the seeds.

14. Heals Eczema

If you suffer from eczema, you’re not alone. 

This condition is quite common, and can be quite frustrating and embarassing to deal with.

But there is good news: black seed oil may help reduce the severity of hand eczema

Because of the healing properties of black seed oil, adding it to your diet will promote healthy cell growth and reproduction.

Possible side effects of black seed oil

There is no clear evidence that black seed oil in supplement form can cause any health concerns.

However, when applied to the skin it may cause an allergic reaction and itching in people with sensitive skin.

3 times not to take black seed oil

1. In pregnancy

Though consuming black seed in food is okay while being pregnant, consuming large amounts of may cause negative effects on heavily pregnant women.

This is because it can prevent the proper uterus contraction which may cause a delayed birth, resulting in complications.

2. If you have Blood disorders

For people suffering with thalassemia and other blood related issues, black seed may not be for them. 

It is because the black seed slows down the blood clotting process and may lead to excessive bleeding in such patients.

3. After surgery

As mentioned earlier, black seeds can slow blood clotting and decrease blood sugar levels. 

When people who have just done their surgery begin to consume black seed, they may experience some serious side effects. 

Because black seed can intertwine with the drugs that patients normally take after surgery it is best to avoid blackseed at this time.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil - The bottom line

The benefits of black seed oil are quite staggering.

It is no wonder that the black seed plant has been looked upon as a universal healer for many hundreds of years.

Whether it is to lower blood pressure or help your skin heal, taking a black seed oil supplement daily will help you to feel better and keep your body in the best of health.

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