12 Great Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

What are the proven Health Benefits of Chlorophyll?

Curious about the benefits of chlorophyll?

First let’s understand what it is that makes it so good for you.

Chlorophyll is an essential constituent of green plants.

It is the property that allows green plants to convert the absorbed sunlight into energy.

It is the property that helps the plants to get their green color, playing a significant role in allowing plants to make their food by using the process of photosynthesis.

There are many proven health benefits of chlorophyll. All of them have been discussed briefly in this post.

Chlorophyll is found in liquid and powder form.

When you use liquid chlorophyll, it is not pure chlorophyll, and it has a mixture of many chemicals.

In reality, chlorophyll is a supplement of green color mixed with water, and the reaction creates a mesmerizing color effect.

The color effect of chlorophyll is known as sodium copper chlorophyllin.

It can be purchased and used in liquid form and tablet form.

Chlorophyll can be obtained from many types of plants and supplements.

In the last 2 years it has been made the center of attention on social media channel tiktok by many tiktok users.

The trend of #chlorophyll is skyrocketing and growing day by day.

The reason behind chlorophyll being a top trend on tiktok and other social media platforms is that a recent study has proven that natural chlorophyll has a wide range of health benefits.

Keep reading find out more on the potential benefits of chlorophyll in this post.

How do you use chlorophyll?

One of the easiest and most effective ways of including natural chlorophyll in your diet is eating leafy green vegetables.

Try adding alfalfa, green beans, and spinach to your weekly meal plans.

Another popular way to include chlorophyll in your diet is through supplements such as Chlorella.

You can also add liquid chlorophyll into a fresh glass of water.

It is the simplest way to include chlorophyll drops in your diet.

The mint flavor gives water extra freshness and a pleasant sensation.

Be sure to purchase a high-quality brand chlorophyll because high-quality brands do not include preservatives in their product.

12 Potential Health Benefits Of Chlorophyll

For many years chlorophyll has been used as a health supplement.

Many human studies using chlorophyll as a supplement have given us scientific evidence that chlorophyll can be one of the best ways to improve health.

Here are the top 12:

1. Skin Healing

A skin condition is something that most of us can relate to, whether this is eczema as a child or heat lumps in the sun.

Many overall health benefits have been shown by chlorophyll to tackle inflammation and bacterial growth in skin wounds.

Many individual studies have showed that chlorophyll treatment is more valuable and efficient than other treatments.

However, researchers are cautious to state that larger-scale studies are required to make sure the individual research statement is authentic.

Pilot studies have shown that chlorophyll can also be efficient for healing other skin conditions such as:

  • Heals acne and breakouts of spots
  • It makes your skin look young
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Nourishes the skin

2. Anti-Aging Remedy

Topical chlorophyllin gel can also play an important part in making your skin look young.

Many human trials and studies have found that applying the chlorophyllin gel to your skin can reduce the aging effect making your skin look younger.

It reduces the signs of photoaging. Photoaging is a condition that occurs to the human body due to increased exposure to sunlight.

A twelve-day study was conducted on 12 different women.

Research showed that chlorophyll could provide similar results as a medical cream, “tretinoin.”

Tretinoin is a medically prescribed cream that helps reduce skin aging.

In contrast to tretinoin, chlorophyll helps your skin heal in a natural way.

3. Cancer Prevention

Many conducted studies show that chlorophyll has properties that help in reducing the occurrence of cancerous tumors.

Due to its molecular structure, chlorophyll binds to carcinogenic chemicals called aflatoxins.

After the binding of molecules, chlorophyll does not let cancer-causing agents and cancer cells reach the intestines.

Chlorophyll can also be helpful to prevent the absorption of harmful aflatoxins.

These harmful aflatoxins can damage genes.

Early studies on humans have proved that up to 55% of the damage done by aflatoxins on DNA can be reduced if we take the dose of chlorophyllin three times a day for four months.

Your body has a higher chance of cancer prevention if your daily intake of a healthy diet of leafy green vegetables is high.

Animal studies conducted in 2005 showed that the risk of colon cancer reduced rapidly using natural chlorophyll in rats.

4. Blood Builder

Many researchers and humans suggest that chlorophyll can act as a blood builder for your body.

With the use of chlorophyll, the number of red blood cells can be increased significantly.

Chlorophyll has properties that are very similar to hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen throughout the human body with the help of red blood cells.

5. Weight Loss

A study conducted in 2014 indicated that chlorophyll could be used for weight loss.

The participants that performed in the study were thirty-eight females.

The study found that these females had taken the supplement, which included chlorophyll contents once daily.

It was found that the females that took the supplement had greater weight loss than the group that didn’t take the supplement at all.

The studies also indicated that the supplement played an important role in preventing toxic effects on cholesterol levels that result in weight gain.

6. Strengthens Our Immune System

Chlorophyll is rich in potent antioxidant properties and nutritional properties.

Chlorophyll is an excellent source of powerful nutrients and essential vitamins that reduces free radicals and oxidative stress in the human body.

Chlorophyll makes our immune system strong, making our body resistant to any oxidative damage caused by carcinogens.

The oxygen levels in the body can be increased with the help of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll aids in removing harmful toxins and promotes a healthy blood flow, thereby making the blood pure from any impurities.

Bone marrow can be stimulated with the use of chlorophyll.

Bone marrow is essential for our body because it produces blood cells that protect our body from viral diseases and foreign invaders.

7. Liver Detoxifyer

Liquid chlorophyll supplements can be beneficial in protecting bodily tissues and healthy cells.

It protects these tissues and cells by increasing the level of biotransformation enzymes.

Enzymes play a vital role in the elimination of harmful toxins, and these enzymes help in improving the health of the liver.

Many studies that were conducted on various animals proved to be very useful because these studies found that chlorophyll protects our liver from liver cancer and liver damage.

These diseases are prevented by increasing the level of enzymes and by removing toxins from our bodies.

AFB1 is the main cause of hepatocellular carcinoma, and it is also a known cause of liver cancer.

This is because aflatoxin b1 is metabolized to a carcinogen that is responsible for causing mutations in cells.

Studies conducted on animals have shown that using a supplement of chlorophyll and having a high food intake of dietary AFB1 reduced the damage done to DNA.

This is an effective treatment for people that live in underdeveloped countries and have a high amount of grain intake.

The antioxidant properties of chlorophyll are not as strong as the ones found in vitamin C and E.

But the regular intake of chlorophyll can help in decreasing the oxidative damage done by the harmful carcinogens.

Another study was conducted by a registered dietitian in China, which included 180 adults with a high risk of hepatitis B and hepatocellular carcinoma.

These participants were given 100 ml of Chlorophyll three times a day before every meal for 16 weeks.

It was observed that AFB1 levels dropped significantly at an average of 55% in those taking chlorophyll compared to the people taking some other medication.

This study suggested that the use of chlorophyll supports liver health in a safe and useful way.

8. Fights Body Odor And Bad Breath

Chlorophyll has many beneficial effects, but perhaps the most exciting benefit of chlorophyll is that it is capable of nature deodorizing.

By ingesting this antioxidant, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract and works to detoxify your blood.

It reduces toxins and other heavy metals that release a terrible body odor of sweat and eliminates them as urine and feces.

It is useful when you have tried all the deodorants but cannot eliminate the bad odor. You can use chlorophyll in your daily diet.

Liquid Chlorophyll can act as a natural deodorant for you.

To avoid staining due to chlorophyll, make sure to brush your teeth after use.

It takes approximately a week for results to be acknowledged.

Many studies have shown that people who suffer from trimethylaminuria (which makes you smell like fish) found chlorophyll significantly reduced this odor.

Chlorophyll even helps in getting rid of bad breath in the same way.

9. Helps Thyroid Health

Maintaining a healthy metabolism and regulating a variety of hormones is the responsibility of a thyroid gland.

Stress, genetics, lifestyle factors, and diet can play an essential role in the dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Chlorophyll can help improve the functions of the thyroid and balance hormones.

It regulates hormones that make us feel suppressing appetite, feel full, and decrease insulin spikes throughout the day.

We all have times when your blood sugar drops instantly.

This gives us the craving for sugary foods and makes us feel tired.

For quick energy, our body demands foods that are high in sugar.

Taking chlorophyll can help in weight management, increase energy, and regulate food intake.

By using chlorophyll, you can boost your energy levels naturally instead of eating low-quality sugary items.

10. Protects Skin

Many clinical trials and evidence have proven that chlorophyll can help in the boosting of skin health due to its antiviral properties.

The antiviral properties allow it to stop cold sores in the genital area and within the mouth (herpes).

Studies have found that when chlorophyll cream or ointment is used on the skin, the numbers of sores that appear on the skin are reduced.

The healing time of the skin can also be sped up by chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll helps reduce symptoms of painful sores and also lowers the risk of skin cancer.

Using Chlorophyll directly on your skin or injecting it in your skin has proven to reduce the number of cancerous cells in people who suffer from basal cell carcinoma.

11. Fights Against Inflammation

Many pieces of research show that the chlorophyll obtained from green pigment leaves has properties of anti-inflammation that fight against environmental toxins and dangerous bacteria that are harmful to us.

Chlorophyll is a promising treatment option for various health concerns such as inflammation and other chronic diseases that commercial medicines have failed to control.

Chlorophyll also has verified anti-inflammatory properties, just like green leafy vegetables.

12. Improves Wound Healing

The use of chlorophyllin slows down the reproduction rate of harmful bacteria.

In 2008, wound care research involved a small study on different ointments containing chlorophyll water.

The properties in chlorophyll water helps in preventing infections and helps the wound to heal fast and efficiently.

Chlorophyll has been used in some medicines for a long time now.

Since 1940, it has been used in creams and ointments to heal open wounds present in humans, such as pressure and vascular ulcers.

It is found to lower the inflammation rate caused by wounds or injuries.

Chlorophyll controls odors caused by the accumulation of bacteria and also promotes healing.

Benefits of chlorophyll - The bottom line

Chlorophyll is a powerful plant compound that has many benefits.

It helps in the cleansing of toxins from our bodies as well as boosting vitamins, preventing fatigue and making bad odor go away.

It is not a green pigment, just famous for being green drinking water!

But it has many health benefits and provides a significant boost to our health!

It would be a wise choice if you start your morning using a chlorophyll supplement as part of a balanced diet to keep yourself looking fit and feeling extra energy in your body.

Further health benefits of chlorophyll include liver detoxification, cancer prevention, wound healing, weight control, skin health, etc.

Enough data has been provided in this article for you to know the health benefits of chlorophyll.

If you’re interested in taking chlorophyll supplements then health food stores are a good place to start.

Because of its strong antioxidant properties, chlorophyll is considered a superfood.

It helps fight dangerous diseases due to its ability to form tight molecular bonds with chemicals that may contribute to diseases like liver disease and cancer.

Blue-green algae, Green algae (chlorella) and green vegetables are considered the best sources of chlorophyll.

The top food sources that should be added to your diet are green vegetables such as swiss chard, spinach, and kale.

The best way to get the chlorophyll is by eating these veggies raw if you cook these vegetables, the benefits of chlorophyll decrease.

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