Health Benefits of Shakeology – Everything You Need To Know

benefits of shakeology

Is Shakeology Good For You? 2022 Review

Fake diet or genuine weight loss regime, what are the benefits of Shakeology?

In a world of fad diets and meal replacement shakes, some of the claims made by Shakeology are that it aids in strengthening the immune system, enhancing digestive function, and weight loss.  

So how does Shakeology work? And is it any different to the thousands of other trends out there?

Shakeology works by increasing the dose of superfoods and phytonutrients in your diet by including it in their formula. 

The claims made by Shakeology have been proven to some extent, but some people are still skeptical about the weight loss claims.

Shakeology has built up a cult following who testify that they have thrown away other nutrition plans such as probiotic strains and found their solution.

So let’s take a look at what exactly Shakeology is and what its possible benefits are. 

In this Shakeology review, we will discuss the health benefits of Shakeology and everything else about it.

What Is Shakeology?

A simple explanation is that Shakeology is considered a nutritional meal replacement supplement or a dietary supplement.

Shakeology is a nutritional shake produced by Beachbody, an online fitness community of over 2.5 million people. 

The specific reason behind the production of this protein powder is that it helps in supporting digestive health, lean muscle growth, weight loss and keeps you energetic for an active lifestyle.

Is Shakeology A Protein Shake?

Lots of online reviews of Shakeology compare it to other supplements such as protein shakes.

Well, Shakeology is nothing like protein shake; those reviews on google are not accurate about Shakeology. So what makes it so different?

The reason Shakeology cannot be considered a protein shake is that unlike protein shakes it actually contains many natural nutritional benefits such as;

Shakeology shakes are manufactured entirely from natural, health-promoting components and do not contain any processed or artificial ingredients. 

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Adaptogens
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotic
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Antioxidants
  • Phytonutrients
  • Fiber

The Shakeology shakes have taken the weight loss and diet industry by storm, especially in the United States.

The only slight reservation is that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved their products.  

Shakeology Flavors

This nutrition shake has a variety of different flavors available, with vanilla being the most popular.

The various flavors are: 

  • Café Latte 
  • Vanilla  
  • Café Latte 
  • Vanilla Vegan 
  • Cafe Latte Vegan 
  • Tropical Strawberry Vegan 
  • Chocolate Vegan 
  • Peppermint Mocha Vegan 
  • Strawberry

Shakeology shakes are packed with specific ingredients that, according to the company, promote health in a variety of ways. 

The idea is that drinking this shake is the greatest method to ensure that you meet all of your nutritional requirements and fill in any dietary gaps in your regular food intake. 

According to the shake producers, “the overall nutrient breakdown in this drink provides more than 50% of the necessary daily intake” in each serving. 

Its vegan options also open Shakeology to a wider market.

What's In Shakeology? The Ingredients

In this example is the list of shakeology ingredients that are added to the Chocolate Shakeology Flavor Shake: 

  • Pea Protein 
  • Isolate Whey Protein 
  • Maca Root 
  • Yacon Root 
  • Sprouted brown rice protein 
  • Flaxseed 
  • Chia seed 
  • Sprouted Quinoa Seed 

Besides these ingredients, the shakes also contain ingredients such as inchi seed, acerola cherry, spirulina, and chlorella (blue-green algae).

As well as Camu-Camu and Himalayan salt.

According to Beachbody, the shake will not help you lose weight directly, but it will help you get rid of junk food cravings, support regulation, improve the effective working of the digestive system, and give healthy energy

Ultimately making it a weight loss shake, albeit indirectly.


For a delicious shake and a better experience, you can try this recipe:  

  • 8 Oz almond milk, unsweetened and unflavored 
  • 8 ounces water 
  • A single banana 
  • 1 tsp. chocolate or vanilla Shakeology 
  • 1 tbsp. peanut butter 
  • 1 tbsp. chia seeds 
  • A handful of fresh spinach 
  • 8-12 Ice Cubes  

Beachbody – The Producer of Shakeology

Beachbody began in 1998 as a distributor of exercise films and fitness routines.

Power 90 was the company’s debut video. 

While Shakeology is the brand’s newest dietary product, it places a premium on its fitness programs and videos.  

Beachbody is the developer of several of the best-selling fitness programs on the market, some of which you’re sure to recognise: 

  • P90X Series
  • FOCUS T25
  • 21 Day Fix
  • PiYo
  • Body Beast
  • Hip Hop Abs 

While the organization is most known for their aggressive muscle building programs, they have lately expanded their offerings to include something for everyone. 

This involves refocusing their efforts away from strength training, weight loss, dancing, and overall lifestyle fitness and marketing to the American everyman (and woman).

Do You Need Shakeology?

In fairness to the Beachbody products on sale, they do give value for money. Shakeology has over 70 natural ingredients included in it.

The nutrients inside Shakeology are equivalent to that of the seven trips to the salad bar! 

Only the finest whole-food ingredients are used to produce Shakeology including what we now call superfoods. 

Here are a few from the ingredient list;

  • Camu Camu 
  • Goji Berry 
  • Acerola Cherry 
  • Bilberry 
  • Barley Grass 
  • Chia Seeds 
  • Wheat Grass 

The elements in shakeology are chosen and mixed for their alleged synergistic health advantages.

This means that many of these natural components appear to be more effective in enhancing health and energy levels when combined. 

So what are the benefits of Shakeology?

The 5 Nutrition Blends:

Each Shakeology shake has 5 nutrition blends comprised of the most vital Shakeology nutrients: 

  1. Muscle growth and fat loss are aided by protein blend 
  2. Antioxidants blend to safeguard against free radical damage 
  3. Phytonutrients blend to support longevity 
  4. Adaptogens blend to improve overall health and cognitive function
  5. Probiotics blend to benefit the digestive system

When compared to other meal replacement drinks, can you get everything you need in Shakeology? 

In short, no!

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t the best out there.

It just means there’s no substitute for a healthy balanced diet.

We analyzed various supplements and meal replacement shakes (most of which contain added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and additives) and found that none of them compares to the nutrients found in one glass of Shakeology. 

What Makes Shakeology So Special?

The studies and reviews of Shakeology that compare the carbohydrate, protein, sugar and fat content of Shakeology to other shakes are missing the point. 

This is equivalent to purchasing a car by comparing all brands and models equipped with four doors and a radio. 

Shakeology is often referred to as a superfood shake.

While we recognize that the term “superfood” is a loosely defined phrase for nutritionally dense foods, we enjoy it since they truly are delicious.

What sets Shakeology apart is its inclusion of 70 superfoods.  

These superfoods are responsibly sourced from farmers worldwide, quality-tested, and correctly processed to preserve enzymes and phytonutrients, and produced from whole foods to ensure that every ounce of nutrition is squeezed into them. 

The Claims of Shakeology

Shakeology makes many claims, but unfortunately, they are not backed by scientific research or studies, despite being logically accurate. 

Let’s have a look at benefits of Shakeology are correct. 

  • Helps in Losing Weight: Fiber, protein, and nutrients keep you full and satisfied for longer
  • Curb Cravings: The low amount of glycemic aids in preventing crashing and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Helps lessen junk food cravings in this way
  • Natural Energy: Helps in giving your body the superfood nutrients it lacks
  • Improved Overall Health: Helps the body produce new brain cells, hair cells, skin cells, and blood cells. Also, helps in the immune responses and hormonal improvements 
  • Digestion: Digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and insoluble and soluble fibers support digestion and regularity

90 Day Trial

A Ninety day human trial study was conducted into these claims. 

In this study, the participants were given Shakeology instead of a meal each day and were asked to exercise regularly.

The observations found were:

  • Reduced oxidative stress, degenerative diseases risk factor decreased as much as 90% 
  • The cholesterol levels of the participants were lowered by an average of 30%, and their bad cholesterol levels were reduced by an average of 38%
  • An average of 24% decreased risk factor of cardiovascular diseases

Is Shakeology a Healthy Drink?

Shakeology is more than just an investment in healthy food eating options.

Many of the pre-packaged foods we consume these days may include empty calories that do nothing for our bodies. 

Shakeology shakes are manufactured entirely from natural, health-promoting components and do not contain any processed or artificial ingredients. 

Sickness Prevention

Shakeology meal replacement shakes may also aid in illness prevention.

Bloodborne free radicals can cause strokes, heart disease, and unmanageable blood pressure. 

Shakeology’s components can help you boost your immune system and fight free radicals that cause damage to your body including those that can go on to cause cancer. 

In addition, the smoothie can effectively replace one meal each day, assisting in bodily cleansing and supporting healthy weight loss and healthy life.  

Nutritional Content

Shakeology has the same nutritional content as a perfect meal and can be a healthy meal for a vegetarian diet. 

Shakeology shakes are a convenient way to guarantee that your body receives vital vitamins, essential amino acids, and minerals. 

They are designed for individuals who may not consume a nutritious meal regularly due to their hectic schedules. 

13 Benefits of Shakeology

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Shakeology that make it such a popular choice.

1. Saves Time

Shakeology can help you save time if you replace one of your meals with it, both in preparation and in consumption. The only effort needed is to shake your drink and drink it!

Shakeology can be considered a fast food that is great for you.

You can have your Shakeology in the morning, pre and post-workout programs, or late at night.  

Preparing the shakes takes less than 5 minutes.

Quite simply you just put all the ingredients in a blender, blend them well, pour them into a glass and drink it. 

Shakeology is considered (by Beachbpoody) to be the healthiest fast food ever.  

Most of the shakes available on the market contain 17 grams of protein and have a calorie rate of 140-160 in a 36-gram serving. 

2. Saves Money

You will just have to spend $4 on your Shakeology drink! Which, when you consider a much higher price of around $15-$20, the average meal out, then you’re racking up a huge saving over the week.

An added benefit is shopping convenience, with Shakeology now stocked in many grocery stores across the states.

So, next time you think of grabbing a Mcdonalds’ or Pizza, think of your gut instead.

3. Convenient

Finding the time to cook nutritious meals can be difficult for some people, particularly those who lead hectic lives. 

While most of your calories should come from natural foods, relying on a supplement like Shakeology for a fast snack or meal is perfectly OK. 

Shakeology may be especially beneficial for people pressed for time in the morning and inclined to grab an unhealthy snack on the go. 

Making a shake with a scoop of Shakeology, frozen berries, almond butter, and coconut milk, for example, is a much healthier option than stopping at a fast-food restaurant for breakfast.

4. Healthy Meal Replacements

Shakeology is unquestionably healthier than many other protein shakes and meal replacement products on the market. 

With many of them containing extra sugar, artificial colors, inflammatory oils, and preservatives.

While Shakeology does contain added sugar, the amount is significantly less than that in its leading competitor in the shake market.

For instance, a serving of vanilla-flavored Shakeology contains 7 grams of sugar, whereas a serving of Slimfast original vanilla shake (11 oz or 325 ml) contains 18 grams of sugar.

Shakeology is also free from artificial flavors and preservatives. 

5. Cheater’s Insurance

Cheater’s Insurance six days a week for twenty minutes is considerably superior to three days a week for an hour. Why? 

Because your regimen is constant, your chances of success grow.

Your body develops a craving for action, and missing a single day becomes less scary mentally. 

It is believed the same is true for nutrition.

Consuming Shakeology acts as daily nutritional insurance, allowing individuals to cheat without getting sidetracked. 

Even if we consume a large fatty pizza for dinner, we crave good healthy foods the next day.

6. Shakeology is Delicious

If we didn’t enjoy the taste, we would never pay this much money and drink a shake every day. So here are two important recommendations: 

  • Purchase vegan flavors if you intend to mix them along with water in a blender bottle. They are more water-soluble and prevent the formation of powdered pieces

Phytonutrients and antioxidants contained in Shakeology drinks help get rid of free radicals that can be harmful to human health. 

  • If you’re not sure which flavor to choose, most consumers prefer Chocolate or Vanilla. They appear to be the most versatile when combined with other ingredients, but it’s interesting to sample various tastes from time to time, including Café Latte, Strawberry, and seasonal tastes like Pumpkin Spice Latte and Salted Caramel. 

Always combine Shakeology with 12-16 ounces of liquid. Otherwise, the flavor may be overly intense and sometimes gritty.

7. Source of High-Quality Protein

The main ingredient of Shakeology is whey protein isolate. 

This is a protein source that is essential for maintaining and building lean muscle mass. 

It also functions by stabilizing your blood sugar, curbing cravings, and reducing hunger. 

These amino acids help in repairing the muscle tissue and healing wounds. In addition, Shakeology is an absorbable source of high-quality protein

The main functions performed by amino acids are that they promote alertness and calmness by supporting the brain and also reduce hunger pangs. 

The enzymes and prebiotics help boost the immune system, aid in digestion, and increase the absorption of essential nutrients. 

8. Getting Rid of Bacteria

Many ingredients that Shakeology contains are beneficial to the digestive system.

Natural components of various plants, prebiotics help in supporting the good bacteria in your digestive tract

These healthy ingredients may also help in the absorption of minerals such as calcium.

Plant sources such as papayas and pineapples also help in getting digestive enzymes working properly. 

These enzymes help in breaking down the food into individual components, making it easier to absorb. 

9. Helps Solve Constipation

If you have constipation, consider that as a red flag. Why? Because constipation leads to various health diseases. 

Shakeology contains essential enzymes and probiotics that help in getting rid of constipation and helps in stabilizing your bowel movements.  

Intake of Shakeology on a daily routine can help flood your digestive system with essential nutrients and fibers.

10. Helps in Weight Loss

Many studies show that the people who eat breakfast daily have very little chance of regaining weight (so long as they aren’t scoffing the rest of the day!)

Further, a breakfast that is rich in protein can help you feel full and curb your craving for a mid-morning snack.

A great benefit of Shakeology is that when you use it for your breakfast, you give your body a protein-rich and energetic start. 

As a result, it will help you feel full and satisfied and lead to less mindless snacking before your next meal.  

Do remember not to take Shakeology as a weight loss supplement.

Instead, always use it as a nutritional dietary supplement as part of a balanced diet.

11. Control Various Health Conditions

Reports from users are that drinking the shakes has these 5 health conditions: 

  1. Hormonal Imbalances 
  2. High Cholesterol 
  3. High Blood Pressure 
  4. Diabetes 
  5. Auto-Immune Disease

The FDA has not approved Shakeology, and it should not be used to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any of these diseases. 

All we say in this review is that Shakeology is a healthy nutritional boost that can help you magically.

12. Boosts Immune System

Phytonutrients and antioxidants contained in Shakeology drinks help get rid of free radicals that can be harmful to human health. 

These nutrients help in increasing longevity of life, decreasing degenerative diseases, maintaining healthy skin and boosting the immune system.  

Many natural ingredients of Shakeology are a good source of healthy natural substances known as phytonutrients, polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, and anthocyanin. 

In many laboratory tests, prevention of a variety of degenerative conditions has been shown by increasing intake of phytonutrients. 

A natural mix of phytochemicals can be obtained by whole plant sources.  

If you’re interested in other natural foods containing antioxidants then check out our article on Tart Cherries.

13. Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals

In our daily diets, most of us don’t get enough essential minerals and vitamins. 

Some important vitamins such as Vitamin B and Vitamin C are water-soluble, meaning they need to be replenished regularly because they are flushed out of the body after some time. 

Other vitamins like Vitamin E are difficult to get from food sources.

Shakeology is efficient in providing these nutrients in an easy-to-consume powdered form.  

You can get more information about Shakeology on the Shakeology website. 

Who Should Drink Shakeology Shakes?

Whoever you are, you should contact your doctor before adding anything to your diet that you are unsure of, especially for anyone who has an underlying health condition.

Shakeology shakes are great for:

  • Beginners that eat healthily 
  • Sugar lovers 
  • Frequent travelers 
  • People that are short of time and have a hectic lifestyle
  • Calorie deprived dieters 
  • People with constipation Problems 

Shakeology should be avoided by those who:

  • Already consume their recommended daily allowance of nutrients
  • Anyone who has experienced negative side effects from shakes previously
  • Don’t Like the Taste 
  • Are nursing infants or pregnant

Health Benefits of Shakeology - The Bottom Line

In our review, we have presented all the necessary information for you to know about Shakeology.

Essentially it is a healthy diet supplement that has a lot of benefits and high nutritional value.

Shakeology is not too heavy on your pockets either. 

So if you are looking to get nutrients from superfoods into your body then you should probably opt for Shakeology. 

Importantly, remember not to take Shakeology as a weight loss supplement! 

Consult your nutritionist or dietician before you start consuming Shakeology products because Shakeology is not real food and should only be used to complement a balanced diet.

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