Chamomile tea for dogs

Is chamomile tea good for dogs? This article contains everything you need to know about chamomile tea for dogs. Much like humans, dogs also get stressed when they are bored, scared, anxious, or frustrated.  Stress can manifest in many ways, from dilated pupils blinking rapidly, shivering, and whimpering.  You might even notice that your dog …

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green tea for dogs

What are the benefits of green tea for dogs? What are the health benefits of green tea for dogs? If you’re a dog’s best friend, chances are you’ve heard of green tea extract. Green tea is among the most popular beverages worldwide.  It has been consumed for centuries to help with various health issues, including improving heart function, boosting the immune …

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Can dogs drink tea

Tea for dogs – the ultimate guide Forget humans, the real question here is, ‘can dogs drink tea?’. Drinking a lot of tea has been in our culture for thousands of years and it’s an excellent substitute for coffee. Of course – a cup of tea is a good substitute for water on a regular …

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