mint green tea

What are the benefits of mint green tea? Are you curious about the health benefits of mint green tea? First let’s talk briefly about why we use herbs for tea at all. Herbal teas have been used in traditional medicine to treat ailments for thousands of years. And, herbs have the potential to boost the …

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health benefits of barley tea

Barley Tea And its amazing health benefits Curious about the benefits of barley tea? Barley tea (also known as Damai cha) is a hearty, tasty, and healthy beverage that is enjoyed by millions globally. The health benefits of Barley tea are widely reported, so if you are looking for support with a health problem, you’re …

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Health Benefits of Chai Tea

Is Drinking Chai Tea Good For You? Heard about the benefits of Chai Tea? Chai has become so popular that it now has influence all over the world.  There are many varied chai tea recipes, but the main ingredients included in chai are clove, ginger, black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper. While most people …

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